2017-10-16company information sheet
2017-10-12company information sheet
2017-10-10exchange notice - resumption of trading
2017-10-09(1) memorandum of understanding in respect of proposed formation of a joint venture; and (2) unusual price and trading volume movements; and (3) trading halt and resumption of trading
2017-10-09trading halt
2017-10-09exchange notice - trading halt
2017-10-04monthly return for the month ended 30/09/2017
2017-09-13company information sheet
2017-09-01monthly return for the month ended 31/08/2017
2017-08-11interim results announcement for the six months ended 30 june 2017
2017-08-01notice of board meeting
2017-08-01monthly return for the month ended 31/07/2017
2017-07-25company information sheet
2017-07-06high concentration of shareholding
2017-07-06sfc announcement - high concentration of shareholding
2017-07-03monthly return for the month ended 30/06/2017
2017-07-03company information sheet
2017-06-29company information sheet
2017-06-05monthly return for the month ended 31/05/2017
2017-05-19poll results of annual general meeting held on 19 may 2017
2017-05-15first quarterly results announcement for the three months ended 31 march 2017
2017-05-04company information sheet
2017-05-02notice of board meeting
2017-05-02monthly return for the month ended 30/04/2017
2017-04-12change of name of principal share registrar and transfer office in the cayman islands
2017-04-05monthly return for the month ended 31/03/2017
2017-03-29notice of annual general meeting
2017-03-23annual results announcement for the year ended 31 december 2016
2017-03-10notice of board meeting
2017-03-07profit warning
2017-03-01monthly return for the month ended 28/02/2017
2017-02-03monthly return for the month ended 31/01/2017
2017-01-04monthly return for the month ended 31/12/2016